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painting by  Michelle Ely

Art lessons    Kass - Kingwood Art School & Supply in Kingwood, Texas

Summer Camps 2016

Summer Camp ... Kids & Adults!     for schedule .......     

We have 3 & 4 day camps, several two day camps, and lots of 1 day camps. All camps are by reservation. There is something for everyone this summer.

Clay Camps - The kids will make their projects,  then  return to glaze their work unless (clear glaze) is noted.Clay camps are:  Totem, Garden Frog, Vase,monster, flower pot, Bird House, Wacky Bowl, Fish, Turtle pot, Bird Feeder/bath, Cave Painting Tile, Fairy House, & Owl. 

​​Other Camps -

Give A Hoot -  an owl acrylic painting

Van Gogh Sunflower - Multi-media clay, acrylic, glaze, and paper in the style of Van Gogh's 

           sunflowers. A parent framing favorite!!

Cut it out! : Matisse Camp  Acrylic Painting and paper cut out collage

Jungle is a Wild Place : Henri Rousseau - Pastel Tiger, acrylic jungle.
Minecraft Mania - Acrylic painting of the minecraft crew, pillowcase painted with minecraft scene,

            Enderman transforming

Papier Mache Bank - Actually made from Plaster so they are stronger and kids design their bank

Paintings - Acrylic Paintings  (TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle), Olaf, Dog, Cat, Tree, Poppy,

             Minecraft (slime, squid)   canvas 11"x14"​  
Classes = oil painting